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"My company has used Alta Vista Insurance Agency for many years. I am always impressed with their level of expertise and their willingness to go the extra mile for their clients. I recently had to obtain extra insurance in a hurry and they came through for me. Not only did they get me the coverage I needed quickly, but also at a much lower rate than I anticipated. Not only that, they went AVBOVE AND BEYOND to provide all kinds of documentation showing my insurance coverage to third party groups in order for me to complete an important business transaction. Thank you, Alta Vista Insurance!"
Stop Paying For Insurance That Doesn't Protect Your Investment Property
In California our data shows, 75 percent of commercial buildings are underinsured. That means potentially 3 out of 4 buildings do not have enough insurance coverage.

Don’t take insurance to value lightly and work with a risk manager that specializes in keeping you informed about potential exposures to your business and protecting your real estate investments.

In the last 12 months, your building’s replacement cost has been severely impacted by the recent rising cost of building materials, labor costs, and supply and demand

While your investment property may be appreciating in value, that does not mean construction or rebuilding costs are the same. If your investment property is underinsured, you will not have enough coverage to rebuild after a loss. 

Does your insurance provide enough coverage for your rental income? This is where we see most of the gaps in hazard insurance policies that do not provide the coverage you need along with a high cost of insurance.

Verify your building’s coverage is up to date with current market conditions and get a free valuation for your investment property today. 
Verify your building’s insurance coverage is up to date with current market conditions
By failing to reevaluate your investment property’s cost to rebuild, your insurance policy may NOT even include the rising costs of construction materials and labor in the event of a loss and that can cause large out-of-pocket expenses to your business.

Think about this:

A property owner has a fire loss to their apartment building that caused $1 million in damage. The actual cost to rebuild the structure is $1 million, BUT the building is only insured up to $750,000. After the claims adjuster reviews the loss and offers payment, the owner is distraught about the low amount being offered. The owner is furious and contacts the insurance company demanding an explanation of how the claim was determined and how this happened. 

Now, the property owner does NOT have sufficient funds from the hazard insurance to repair or replace the fire damage which has caused a huge out-of-pocket expense and the problem could of been easily solved. 

Evaluating your investment property’s cost to rebuild, helps you verify your insurance policy includes the rising costs of construction materials and labor in the event of a loss and that can help you avoid large out-of-pocket expenses to your business. 
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Real Estate Investment Properties
Apartment buildings and multi-family buildings need careful evaluation for a variety of reasons. Habitational properties need to be compliant with all current building codes and you need a risk manager on your team to address fire, water damage, security and life-safety risks.
  • With 24/7 occupancy, the potential for a liability loss is much greater.
  • Building owners have little control over resident activities that could result in property damage or bodily injury.
  • Property managers may have limited access to individual units to address developing water, electrical or other maintenance issues that could result in a large loss.
  • ​Pools, playgrounds, balconies, rooftop decks, fitness facilities and other amenities can create additional risk. 
Three Simple Steps To Insure Your Investment Property
Our process makes it easy for you to find the best insurance rates for your investment property. 
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Receive a custom insurance to value report and rental income calculator for your investment property based on current market conditions.
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Our specialty is keeping you informed about potential exposures to your business and protecting your real estate investments. We’ll help you avoid paying too much for insurance that doesn’t provide the coverage you need.
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