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What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Income Property
Don't Take Insurance to Value Lightly
Did you know if your income property is underinsured you could pay a penalty?

One of the most difficult situations is NOT having an adequate amount of insurance for a covered loss AND incurring a penalty with the adjustment of the claim.
Could this happen to you...?
A property owner sustains a fire loss to its apartment building in the amount of $100,000. The actual cash value of the building is $1 million, BUT the building is only insured up to $750,000. 

After the claim adjuster reviews the loss and offers payment, the owner is distraught about the low amount being offered and the penalty that was charged. 
The property owner does NOT have sufficient funds to repair or replace the fire damage.
Want to know how to avoid this type of disaster?
By maintaining proper insurance to value you can reduce the risk of underinsurance. 

While your income property may be  appreciating, that does not mean the construction or rebuilding costs will remain the same. 

By failing to reappraise your property’s insurance to value, your insurance policy may NOT include the rising costs of labor and construction materials in the event of a loss. 

There are several steps through our art of risk management that you can implement to avoid being underinsured and paying too much. Take the first step today! 
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The Three Steps to Insure Your Income Property
Insuring your income property is as easy as these simple steps. Our process makes it easy for you to find the best insurance protection for your building. 
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