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Hi, My name is Morgan Hege with Alta Vista Insurance.

I want to help your business reach new heights!

1) Are you tired of dealing with tons of insurance paper work?
2) Do you get frustrated having to make multiple requests to correct wording on your certificates of insurance?
3) Have you been surprised by premium audits at the end of your policy?

You know Building Codes, not Insurance Codes!  

You are a Contractor, not an Insurance Agent, right? 

That is why I have created a 4 part videos series to help contractors like you learn what you need to know about shopping for insurance for your business.
I invite you to watch and learn in my video series:

"Insurance 101 For Contractors."
1) In these videos you will learn about the 4 types of insurance coverage all contractors need.
2) We will discuss how to best present your business to insurance companies to get the right coverage at the lowest possible price.
3) And we will identify best practice guidelines you can put into your business to save time and money and help your business grow.

Helping You Reach New Heights,
Morgan Hege
Alta Vista Insurance Agency
Toll Free: 1-888-724-2124
Lic# 0C61452

P.S. ** After watching this video series, if you don't find something to save you money and help your business grow, I will personally donate $200 in your name to the charity of your choice.

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