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What's A Clue©?
A CLUE© report is a valuable piece of information for you and your client that provides a clearer look into the prior loss history of a property that is being purchased. It allows insurance companies to access and use prior loss information in the underwriting process. Think of it as the “cloud of claims”.

When you receive a CLUE© report, it includes all losses accessed by the search criteria that were reported within five years of the date of the request. Home warranty claims are NOT included on a CLUE© report.
Learn From the Clue©
When you review a CLUE© report, look for claims associated with the property. 
The report can sometimes show claims filed on another location owned or occupied by the seller. 

Look for claims frequency rather than severity. These would be claims that indicate a potential ongoing problem OR the possibility of a future loss. Multiple occurrences to the same area in the home can indicate faulty or defective systems. 

Water losses and mold are big ones to look for and are some of the most widely reported causes of loss or perils. Other perils to watch out for are fires occurring in the home (NOT wildfire), theft, and burglary
Get A Clue©!
Having a validated CLUE© report for a property that indicates no insurance losses gives your buyer peace of mind that the insurance loss history of the property will not impact the availability of homeowners insurance.

This will give YOU an advantage over a property where the insurance loss history is NOT known, allowing you and your client to close escrow smoothly and on time .
Learn How To Read A Clue© Report
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